Security Locks Blackburn

Need Security Locks Blackburn?

Interested in a safer home? We understand that people’s safety is a fundamental need. That’s why we offer high-quality security products and services for our customers at an affordable price! Whether it be residential or commercial clients, we don’t hold back on providing security locks for those who want a more secure property. 

High security locks are specifically designed to be difficult to open without a key. Even a skilled locksmith will need extra time to do the job. It’s no wonder that security locks are used to keep people out and stop burglars. It’s far different from the standard locks we see on a regular basis. 

Need security locks Blackburn? Fortunately, security keys can be installed on almost every lock fitting. You can upgrade your lock to be able to host a security key cylinder then our professional locksmiths can finish the job!

The “Key” To Security Locks

The security key we offer is not the same as any other key. It’s far superior in quality compared to the standard keys we often see and use at home. What’s the difference? Security keys cannot be cut at your local hardware. Because it has a more complicated key shape and design, it provides a higher level of security compared to a normal brass key standard key. Here’s what set security locks apart:

Difficult to be copied. One big difference between the standard brass key and security key is that a standard key is easily duplicated. This can be advantageous especially if you want to keep multiple copies for yourself as the owner. However, if the keys are for an employee or a person you temporarily give the key too, you might have a security risk in your hands.

Prevents lock bumping. The unique shape of a security lock is different from the common pin-tumbler lock. Bump keys, or specially-designed keys for picking common locks, is often used to gain unwanted entry. Security keys will reduce the chance of a burglar being able to use a bump key. The lock cylinder for security locks has security pins installed which makes bumping virtually impossible even for a trained locksmith.

Personalised security key system. Security locks have registered designs created by the locksmith. Each system is different which makes it more secure and even more difficult to duplicate. Security keys use specially made key blanks that are only available to authorised locksmiths and dealers. The same goes for the equipment needed to cut and design security keys.

Reliable Locksmiths In Your Area

If you find yourself searching “trusted locksmiths in my area”, then you’ve come to the right place! At Rapid Locksmiths, we offer only the most skilled security professionals that are checked and issued by the Victorian Police. Our licensed experts are trustworthy and dedicated to keeping the community safe. We also understand that affordability is an important aspect of services for anyone so our prices are more than competitive.

Whether it be mobile locksmiths, lock replacements, upgrades, or security locks Blackburn, we can provide the service that you need!

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