Commercial Buildings

Rapid Locksmiths - Rapid Lock Commercial

Are you locked out of your commercial building or want to update the security system to ensure limited access to selected areas? Rapid Locksmiths can provide you with all the commercial locksmith solutions you require with our fully mobile service.

Can’t Access Your Building?

Business can’t stop just because you have been locked out of your premises…. Let us help alleviate the stress of losing your keys, or being locked out of your premises. We are available throughout Melbourne to provide a quick and easy solution in an emergency situation.

Moving Offices?

If you have moved into new premises, arrange a security check with Rapid Locksmiths – we can re-key the locks, and ensure that the locks and hardware are in working order. Rapid locksmiths are experts in commercial security, and we can provide a cost effective solution for any changes required.

Master Key Systems

Multi-level Master Key systems allow the owner full control, by allowing the key-holder to control each person’s access to each door on the premises. ¬†Rapid Locksmiths offer an inline Restricted Key System which is only available to members of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. ¬†Restricted Keys may not be duplicated – so you can be confident that a key has not been duplicated when it is returned to you, eliminating the need to re-key locks after employee termination.

For more information about Rapid Locksmiths and the commercial locks and systems we can offer, please contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Fire Safe Compliance Locks

Ensuring your locks and building are compliant with Fire Safety regulations is crucial. Here at Rapid Locksmith’s we can ensure that any locks you currently have are compliant, replace any that are not, and we also ensure that any new locks you require are installed in accordance with all relevant regulations.

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