Proximity and Smart Keys Nunawading

Can you imagine being able to control so much with just a single press of a button? We can make that a reality! Technology in the form of smart keys now allows people to open locks and start cars without turning a key. Aside from being a pillar of modern style, proximity and smart keys make a driver’s experience much more accommodating. With the latest key technology, you can move up to a whole new level of security and convenience!

Why hold back on yourself? Spring for the smart key upgrade that you deserve! At Rapid Locksmiths, we can improve your security system while giving you the very best that technology can offer. If you’re looking for local locksmiths that you can trust, we’ve got you covered.

What Are Proximity And Smart Keys?

A proximity key or smart key is a small fob that allows a keyless entry and ignition system for your automotive. It operates through the use of radio waves which communicate certain commands to your car such as locking or unlocking the door and starting the ignition. 

Because of the antenna in the car’s bodywork and radio pulse generator in the key housing, the smart key can be used to control the car’s security system even when it is still inside your pocket.  As long as the driver has the smart key inside the car, they can disengage the immobilizer and activate the ignition with ease.

A smart key is designed to access a corresponding vehicle electronically. But you can rest easy knowing that a smart key system also has a mechanical key back-up for double the security.

Leading Locksmith In Nunawading At Your Service!

Wondering about the best locksmith near you? At Rapid Locksmiths, we offer only the most skilled security professionals that are checked and issued by the Victorian Police. Our licensed experts are trustworthy and dedicated to keeping the community safe. We also understand that affordability is an important aspect of services for anyone so we offer more than competitive prices.

We are sure that we can offer the reliable and professional expertise you’re looking for. So our Nunawading team is determined to be the locksmith for you. Whatever your security needs are, we’re at your service.

Looking For A Reliable Mobile Locksmith?

Your car can be a symbol of personal control and autonomy. But it’s more than that. Through long road trips and midnight dashes to the store, your car is yours and is there when you need it. You deserve nothing less than a reliable mobile locksmith to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Rapid Locksmiths is the company for the job. For us, no service is too big or small. We do whatever we can to help our customers. We pride ourselves on our advanced key technology and masterful locksmith methods. If you’re looking for replacements, emergency access, or Smart Keys Nunawading services, give us a call.

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