Master Key System

Master Key Systems in Mitcham Built, Generated, and Tailored For Your Needs

Our locksmith in Mitcham offers security options like restricted keys, which cannot be duplicated. This is one of the most common things we do to secure and protect a wide variety of premises.

Schools, medical practices, vets, clubs and any other business large and small can benefit from restricted key security.

At Rapid Locksmiths, keeping your security is our number #1 priority.

If you think your Mitcham premises can benefit from key access security, give us a call today!

Looking for Master Key Experts In Mitcham?

We offer a wide variety of locksmith services and master key systems to appeal to your every security need, including single key access systems and multi-level keying systems.

As far as which locksmith services should be installed where, we can help give you detailed advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Multi-level Master Key Systems allow the owner full control, by allowing the key-holder to control each person’s access to each door on the Mitcham premises.

Rapid Locksmiths offer an inline Restricted Key System which is only available to members of the “Locksmiths Guild of Australia”.

“Professional, Reliable & Trusted” is not just our motto at Rapid Locksmiths, it’s what we practice and do.

As a trusted locksmith in Mitcham, we respect that you, the customer, not only ask for our help but also ask for our advice.

You trust us to provide professional service and secure your most valuable possessions and do so in the highest possible standard. Our aim is to always use quality products that are the very best value for money.

Our locksmith services client base is wide and varied meaning our knowledge is too. Commercial and domestic locks vary greatly however this means we can give our customers the many options they deserve, from key cutting to any other professional locksmith jobs.

We’re efficient, tidy, and above all confident in our locksmith services. When arriving on site we listen to the customers requirements, work out the best solution, price it and complete the job as soon as possible.

For our locksmith in Mitcham, customer satisfaction means job satisfaction.


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Why Trust Us?

Our business motto is “Professional, reliable, and trusted,” and we think we have earned it.

Over the years, our locksmiths in Mitcham have established our name in the industry, so we can cater to all of your security needs.

Our top priority in our Mitcham locksmith service is securing your premises, so we are here to assist you wherever you need! Contact us today!

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Proudly Serving Mitcham

Mitcham is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 21 km east from Melbourne’s Central Business District. At the 2016 Census, Mitcham had a population of 16,148. Mitcham was named after Mitcham Grove, a farm property that was owned by William Slater, who grew roses and herbs for perfumes and remedies.

The main shopping precinct is centered on the intersection of Whitehorse Road and Mitcham Road and features a supermarket, cafes, fast food outlets and other speciality shops. Mitcham was a filming location for the world’s first feature film, The Story of the Kelly Gang, which used the suburb in key scenes in 1906.

Rapid Locksmiths has been providing quality locksmith services in the Mitcham area since starting up and has become a leading locksmith in the suburb.

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