Automotive: Security systems with automotive manufactures are constantly evolving. If your car was produced after 1995, there is a good chance your key has a transponder (computer chip) in the head of the key, programmed to start your car.

Have you lost the last key to your car? Have you called your automotive manufacturer only to find out that they will charge you a bucket load of money, after you have paid hundreds of dollars for your car to be towed to them? Call Rapid Locksmiths now, so we can work you out a price to attend onsite and cut and program new keys to your vehicle. Not only will this avoid costly towing fees, but we can often give you the option of genuine or after market type keys, remote or non-remote. These options can change the the total cost of the job in a huge way.

Pricing for duplicate automotive keys can vary greatly depending on the programming method, type of transponder and where you source your keys from. Original manufactures and "Mr. Minute" type shops generally being the most expensive. At Rapid Locksmiths we encourage customers to call for comparison quotes to see how much money we can save you.

Rapid Locksmiths continue to expand the list of car and motorcycle keys we can clone and program. We also repair and replace ignition, door and boot locks.

Fire Regulation: Rapid Locksmiths are experts at converting locks and hardware to comply with Fire Regulation. Apart from tenant and staff safety, authorities can hand out large fines for non-compliance. Obligation free quotes can be arranged anytime.

Restricted Master Key Systems: Restricted Key systems are tailored to suit the customer's needs whether it consists of a single key or complex multi-level keying system. Multi-level Master Key systems give the owner immediate access control, restricting staff from opening doors they aren't authorised to open. Restricted Key systems give the client "Key Security". This means being able to give the key to staff, cleaners, tradesmen Etc, and KNOWING another key hasn't been duplicated before being returned. It also eliminates the need to rekey locks after employee termination. Rapid Locksmiths offers an inline Restricted Key System available only to members of the L.G.A.

Commercial Buildings: Rapid Locksmiths have extensive experience in upgrading physical security in all types of buildings including but not limited to Residential, Retail, Commercial, and Government.

Restricted master key systems, door closers and fire escape locks are some of the more common work required for businesses and agencies. Commercial grade door closers vary greatly in price, so please call to get a comparison quote. Automatic door closers are also available. All mechanical commercial grade locks and hardware can be supplied, installed and replaced. A large range of digital locks are now available in mechanical or stand alone electric. All give the customer access control solutions without the need to hand out keys.

Home Security:
  • Have you just lost you keys?
  • Worried about that lock giving way when a burglar gets out his pry bar?
  • Have you got a different key for every door?
  • Just moved in and would feel more secure re-keying the locks?
  • Have your locks become misaligned and difficult to operate?
Choosing the correct lock to suit door and frame type can be as important as the correct installation. Rapid locksmiths are experts in home security and have a cost effective solution for you.

Emergency Service: Have you locked your keys inside your car, home or office? We can gain entry and make your problem disappear.