Rapid Locksmiths source only top quality locks, padlocks and hardware. Keeping up to date with this ever changing industry, means our products not only stand the test of time, we can offer high grade solutions that are proven to be the best value for money.



Have you lost the last key to your car? Have you called your automotive manufacturer only to find out that they will charge you a bucket load of money, after you have paid hundreds of dollars for your car to be towed to them? Call Rapid Locksmiths now, so we can work you out a price to attend onsite and cut and program new keys to your vehicle. Not only will this avoid costly towing fees, but we can often give you the option of genuine or after market type keys, remote or non-remote. These options can change the the total cost of the job in a huge way.

Pricing for Duplicate car and motorcycle keys can vary greatly depending on the programming method, type of transponder and where you source your keys from. Original manufactures and "Mr. Minute" type shops generally being the most expensive. At Rapid locksmiths we encourage customers to call for comparison quotes to see how much money we can save you.

Rapid Locksmiths cover a large range of automotive services. From repairing and replacing ignition, door and boot locks to re-generating lost keys. Security encrypted key systems with automotive manufactures are constantly evolving. Because of this Rapid Locksmiths continue to expand the list of car & motorcycle keys we can clone and program.


High quality key accessories of all types can be sourced from us. Wall mounted key cabinets; hide outside emergency key storage, key safes, tags, assorted colour and picture keys, including Disney and your favourite football team. All can be purchased, so please let us know if there is a particular item you would like and we'll have it onboard when we come out to do the job.


Rapid Locksmiths sell, service, open and repair all safes. We can quote and source any type of safe required including some reconditioned and second hand safes.

Whether it's for home or business, choosing the right safe to suit your level of security requires experience. From small fire and theft safes, to extremely high grade safes, weighing over a tonne, we will quote on whatever your needs.

Deposit, Drug, Pistol, Rifle, Data protection cabinets, Fire resistant filing cabinets and Laptop safes are also available.